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Plans start at $25/month with a free trial or demo.

Aircall vs CloudTalk - Call center software
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CloudTalk vs. Telzio

CloudTalk starts at 25$ per user/per month with numerous features to support the overall customer experience.
Telzio starts at 1000 minutes and 0 SMS messages for $50 for a US local number. Prices vary based on country
Desktop phone, mobile app, and even the dashboard for your web browser. CloudTalk supports android as well as iOS and all types of browsers.
Does not support the Safari browser.
Our dedicated onboarding specialist walks you through the whole setup and every feature. For all additional questions, we have an onboarding portal ready for you.
Do not offer in-person training. You can learn about the software only via email.
Language supported
To make your experience more personal, we made CloudTalk desktop available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Slovak, and Czech. More languages to come.
Available only in the English language.
International numbers
If you wish, you can call the whole world with our 140+ international numbers. All of them are available in each membership automatically. No additional fees.
Offers a bunch of tutorials for API installation. No onboarding specialist or in-person training.
Create individualized or group voicemail messages for your virtual phone system. Provide your clients with the option to leave a message that is automatically sent to your agents.
The shared voicemail inbox gathers all messages at one place as they come in.
The multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) menu guides the caller through different options. IVR helps you solve issues faster and convert more leads.
Telzio offers to customize routing rules for incoming calls.
Call center data overview
We have advanced analytics features like agent productivity monitoring, call monitoring, emotional reporting, and more.
Offers only live call center dashboard and call logs details.

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q4, 2021.

interactive voice response IVR

IVR & Call Flow designer: The must-have features for productivity

Surprise your customer with a smooth experience. Call flow designer empowers you to build custom call flows for your business. Using this tool, you can create more sophisticated IVR chains and ensure your customers are always paired with the right agent or department.

Above all, the IVR reduces average call duration by 40%. Therefore, you can help customers finish or verify transactions fast.

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CloudTalk supports your decision with rich data reports

When making key decisions, nothing matters more than real data. Explore business opportunities with CloudTalk's agent’s monitoring, real-time call monitoring, and emotional analytics. Want to go even deeper? Create a custom report with metrics that interests you the most.

CloudTalk Analytics for Call center


Smooth connection and powerful integrations

3 main reasons to consider smarter call center software alternative:

Benefit - Scalability
First-class call quality
CloudTalk has established a strong network of telco partners across the globe. Enjoy crystal-clear calls with minimal latency and jitter guaranteed. If the call quality drops, CloudTalk changes the call route in real-time.
Benefit - Setup in 5 minutes
Intelligent dialers
We are here to simplify your work. The power-trio dialers eliminate the unnecessary steps when getting in touch with your customers. Try a Power dialer for more efficient call center telemarketing campaigns, b for creating the one-click call queue, and a Predictive dialer for increasing the number of calls you make.
Benefit - Smart automations
Reliable integrations
Make your job easier. Don't waste precious time by storing data separately into multiple software. Automate the process with seamless integrations. CloudTalk gives you an opportunity to integrate with the most popular and reliable e-commerce, help desk, or CRM systems.

CloudTalk integration flagships:


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If you are interested in other integrations, we offer plenty of them.


We take our customer experience personally


Onboarding specialist: Getting started with new software can be frustrating when the time is running out. Therefore we support your onboarding process in person. Our team will show you around the CloudTalk interface and introduce you to our features.


Dedicated support team: You focus on your work. We have your back covered. Our support team works across several time zones, so there is always someone to contact. We guarantee only the best support. Whenever you are, anytime you need us.


Human touch: We treat others the way we want to be treated. We embrace diversity and aim to respect everyone on the team as an individual. Lastly, we do not take ourselves too seriously.

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