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6 Best Pipedrive Phone Integrations, Dialers & Calling Apps

Pipedrive offers an incredible number of available integrations. But which ones to choose when it comes to Phone Integrations, Dialers & Calling Apps? Here’s our list of the 6 most useful Pipedrive phone integrations, dialers, and calling apps!

How many tasks do you have each day? Dozens, most likely. Besides contacting your customers, you also have paperwork to fill in, data to record, update or analyze, emails to respond to, leads to qualify, and so on. In order not to get lost and get the work done on time, you’ve probably created a proper schedule and processes designed for all of those separate tasks. But when each of your coworkers has their own slightly different processes, things can start to get a bit messy.

Is there some way in which you could all be on the same page and therefore not have to deal with daily misunderstandings?  

Yes, there is, and it’s called a CRM tool. Initially, CRM systems were expensive and complicated to use, so only the biggest companies could afford them. But now, there are so many CRM tools on the market that any company can find one that suits their individual needs. Currently, 91% of companies with at least 11 employees use a CRM system, compared with 50% of companies employing 10 or fewer people. But what even is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools allow you to manage your leads by keeping track of where in the sales funnel your leads are, and how your current deals are progressing. What’s more important, though, is that CRM can also save a great deal of your and your team’s time and energy. One of the tools that are best suited for this task is Pipedrive CRM. 

What is Pipedrive? 

Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM tool, which is well known for its intuitive dashboard and a massive number of available integrations. One of the main features of this CRM is to automatically track, store, and organize all phone calls, emails, and customer data in one database that is accessible for all team members. A feature that’s especially useful for small and middle-sized businesses is Pipedrive’s ability to display the company’s sales funnel from start to finish, thanks to its visual pipeline and drag and drop mechanics. 

With this, you can quickly:

  • move deals around the sales funnel
  • add call notes
  • schedule and track meetings
  • keep track of deadlines
  • assign activities to other team members
  • have all the metrics you will ever need in one place

You don’t have to ask, “how is the deal progressing?”, since you have all the information right there on your dashboard.

Call center integration for Pipedrive  


Rating on Capterra: 4.1  

Pricing: From €12 ($15) to €99 ($115) per user for per month, billed annually.

Features: Pipedrive offers a vast amount of features, including Queue Management, Call recording, an Inbound and outbound call center, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and web analytics tools. 

Integrations: 228, plus Zapier integrations.

Mobile app: Available for Android and iOS.

Pros: Has one of the biggest numbers of integrations available for CRM, plus a robust, and easy to use mobile app.

Cons: Capterra reviewers note that Pipedrive has very limited reporting capabilities, and it has trouble dealing with a large amount of data.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days.

Pipedrive’s vast list of phone integrations make it even better. While Pipedrive itself has plenty of features, it can really shine when integrated with one or more tools out of the more than 200 that are available. When it comes to just phone systems, dialers & calling apps, you can connect 30 of them to Pipedrive - all to make your sales and customer support faster and more productive than ever, while also saving your team members’ time and energy. 

With an integrated system, they will be able to quickly look up available data about a caller or on a specific issue. Agents can also automate many of the tasks that take too much time, and spend that serving customers instead.   

But which tool to choose? We’ve put together a list of the 6 best Pipedrive integrations from the vast list of all that available, in order to help you choose the best phone Integrations, dialers & calling apps.

The 6 Best Pipedrive Phone Integrations, Dialers & Calling Apps

#1 CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a cloud-based call center and business phone system solution that works perfectly well with Pipedrive and sales teams. Start using numerous advanced features, including international numbers from 140+ countries, call recordings, IVR, click-to-call, call routing, and so much more. CloudTalk is a complex answer to all your business communications needs.

CloudTalk is currently the #1 rated Phone app on Pipedrive’s marketplace. Here’s how it looks in a nutshell


Pricing: From $15 for the starter plan to $35 per month for the Expert plan, paid annually.

Features: Escalation Management, IVR menu, Call scripting, logging, and recording, and a Predictive dialer, to name just a few.

Integrations: 26 available, plus Zapier.

Mobile app: Available for Android and iOS.

Pros: Offers local phone numbers from over 160 countries. Capterra reviewers also praise the customer support and onboarding team.

Cons: Several Capterra reviewers complain about various bugs and the speed of the mobile app.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days.

#2 Talkdesk

Talkdesk is one of the most popular cloud contact center platforms, with various features that are required by modern contact centers, an open API framework, and over 60 integrations with popular business tools. Here’s what else you should know about it:


Pricing: Their website states that plans start from $65 per seat per month, but for more information you need to ask for a quote.

Features: Talkdesk has a wide variety of tools available, from call scripting, logging, and recording, to IVR, a Predictive dialer, and real-time chat. Another interesting feature is called “Call Barging,” which allows another person to join a call to speak with an agent or customer if necessary.

Integrations: Over 60, from Pipedrive and Salesforce, to Freshdesk and Shopify. 

Mobile app: Available for Android and iOS.

Pros: A clear and easy to understand dashboard, high sound quality.

Cons: They do not offer integration with Zapier. Besides that, their pricing plan is a tad expensive and you have to contact them for a quote.

Free Trial: Yes, but only on request.

#3 Ringover

Another popular cloud-based phone platform is Ringover. What makes them stand out from other systems is that they have their own telecommunication infrastructure and servers. Here’s how it looks in a nutshell:


Pricing: From €24 ($28) to €49 ($58) per month.

Features:  Queue Management, Call recording, an Inbound and outbound call center, Interactive Voice Response (IVR). 

Integrations: 14 tools, including popular CRM ones, plus Zapier integration.

Mobile app: Available for Android and iOS.

Pros: Phone numbers from over 60 countries available to buy.

Cons: Their ratings are relatively low, with reviewers commenting that VOIP call quality leaves a lot to be desired.

Free Trial: Yes, for 7 days.

#4 Ring.io

The Ring.io calling app is a bit different from those previously mentioned in the sense that it is pre-adapted to 1 of the leading CRM platforms, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Dynamics, or Zoho. What more should you know about it?


Pricing: Depending on the specific integration, from $69 per user per month for Zoho and Pipedrive, to $89 for Hubspot and $109 for Salesforce.

Features: Ring.io offers Click to call, automated voicemail, and an IVR menu. Local area numbers are available, but this feature incurs additional costs.

Integrations: With the leading CRM tools only.

Mobile app: Available for Android and iOS.

Pros: Ring.io can be seamlessly integrated with a CRM tool of  your choice. 

Cons: Low ratings, possibly because of the system-dependent pricing and the very high price of its RingLocal feature, which has to be bought as an extra.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days.

#5 Toky

Toky is a virtual phone system with all the features needed to offer VOIP calls to your customers. One of their newest features is integration with WhatsApp, which allows users to reply directly to WhatsApp messages through Toky’s dashboard. But that’s not all Toky has to offer:


Pricing: From $20 to $30 per agent per month, paid annually

Features: Multiple, including one-click call transfers, bulk SMS features, call forwarding and recording, plus creation of agent groups.

Integrations: 19 integrations, plus Zapier.

Mobile app: Available for Android and iOS.

Pros: Large number of available integrations, including WhatsApp.

Cons: Both desktop and mobile apps are said to be buggy.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days.

#6 Circleloop

Circleloop is simple and easy to use cloud-based phone service for both small and medium-sized businesses. Compared to other virtual cloud systems, the subscription is paid monthly (without contract), so it can be canceled at any time. What more should you know about this system?  


Pricing: From £5 ($6) to £15 ($19) a month per user, plus additional paid add-ons such as for International or UK local numbers.

Features: All regular call cloud center features, such as Call Logging, monitoring and recording, customized voicemail, IVR menu, and an inbound/outbound call center.

Integrations: 30 available, plus Zapier.

Mobile app: Available for Android and iOS.

Pros: No lengthy contracts, and the app offers International calls to over 170 countries.

Cons: While the app can send SMS messages, it’s only available for the UK.

Free Trial: Yes, for 7 days.

Increase your sales results with these cold calling templatesConclusion:

If you aren’t taking advantage of the massive list of Pipedrive integrations, you’re missing out on the tool’s full potential - especially if you aren’t using its vast list of Pipedrive Phone Integrations, Dialers & Calling Apps. Our list of the 6 best integrations should help you with choosing the best tool for your call center.

But you don’t have to take our word for it - it’s always best to try a tool inside out during a trial period. CloudTalk offers a 14 day free trial, which is plenty of time to discover all the benefits of the integration for yourself!