Toll-free numbers for call centers

Use a green toll-free number 0800 or a blue number 0850. With toll-free numbers, your clients can call you for free or at very low rates, which gives you a significant competitive advantage.

Enable your customers to call you for free on toll-free numbers or split the price of the call between you and the caller Toll-free numbers facilitate communication with customers.

Toll-free numbers are a very powerful marketing tool eliminating financial barriers which might result in loss of customers and thus loss of turnover. They are also becoming an important component of the image and good reputation of any company wishing to expand its market presence and attract loyal clients. Call centers with toll-free numbers foster customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Green toll-free numbers 0800 XXX XXX

With a green toll-free number, your clients can call you for free, as the total price of the call is charged to you instead of the caller.

Blue numbers 0850 XXX XXX

With a blue number, your clients can call you at better rates, as the price of the call is split between you and the caller and the tariff is reduced.

Benefits of toll-free numbers for call centers

  • Your company is easily reachable on a single phone number for the whole area
  • Accessible from landline and mobile networks
  • You can opt for golden (08XX 333 333) or silver (08XX 11 22 33) numbers
  • Increased number of incoming calls if you have a toll-free or reduced-fee number
  • Improve customer care providing service at no or low rates
  • Higher customer satisfaction (no financial barriers for customers)
  • Billing per second starting from the first second for inbound calls

Toll-free numbers pricing

With toll-free number starting with 0800, no charges are made to the caller, with numbers starting with 0850, part of the charges is billed to the caller based on his provider’s rates, while the remaining part is billed to you. This services is provided at a monthly rate with per-second tariffs. 

With toll-free numbers, your clients will no longer doubt whether to call you.

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