Call Transfer

Thanks to our Call Transfer feature, you can easily and quickly transfer callers over to another extension, agent or group.

Have you found out during the call that the client’s request would be best solved by your colleague? Did the caller tell you that they want to speak to ″the agent they talked to the last time″? No problem. The Call Transfer feature allows you to transfer the client over to another line or agent within seconds, which means you can handle each call in a professional manner without leaving the client on hold for ages.

Transfer calls in two clicks

Transferring calls is super easy. Once you pick up the call in CloudTalk’s interface, click on the Transfer button and choose from a list of available agents. CloudTalk also allows you to forward the call to any given external phone number, just type the number in the Number or Agent to Transfer field. The customer can listen to some waiting music while he waits to be connected to the right agent.

By redirecting your calls to agents who can really solve the client’s issues means that your customers will be happier with the service and your agents will be more productive and efficient.

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