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illustration customer service goals 2022 SHARE

17 Customer Service Goals to Aim for in 2022

Making your customers happy should be one of your top business goals in the next year – but where do […]

illustration auto attendant script SHARE

35+ Scripts for your Auto Attendant that Engage Customers

Would you like your customers to remember their first interaction with your business as pleasant and nice but don’t have […]

illustration 12 perfect phrases for CS SHARE

12 Phrases Every Customers Service Agent Should Know

Providing great customer services requires a lot of care in many different aspects. Of course, it’s all worth it in […]

illustration 8 ways to improve work performance SHARE

8 Ways to Improve the Work Performance of your Call Center Agents

In today’s world, customer service is a key driver of a company’s success. Until a few years ago, customers used […]

illustration call bridging SHARE

What is Call Bridging and How to Use it in Your Call Center

Virtual meetings help employees stay connected even if they’re far from each other. One piece of technology that helps make these […]

illustration call center activities SHARE

Best 11 Customer Service Games, Activities, and Training Ideas

Many people will tell you that work is not all fun and games, but in reality, this can’t be further […]

illustration how to provide excellent customer service SHARE

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service?

We are living in customer-centric times. Creating a positive experience for the customer from the moment they get interested in […]

illustration HubSpot how to turn customer service into your unique business advantage SHARE

How to Turn Customer Service into Your Unique Business Advantage

If you think having a fantastic product or service can take the place of excellent customer service, think again. About […]

Empathy statements illustration

How to Use Empathy Statements to win Customers

Building successful relationships with customers is essential for providing great service and increasing sales. Whether customers call with complaints or […]

Customer service strategies

10 Proven Customer Service Strategies

Today, customers don’t only purchase products and services. More and more often, they buy ideas or experiences. And they demand […]