Automatic Outbound Caller ID for International Calls

Improve response rate and reduce call charges with CloudTalk’s automatic outbound caller ID for international calls.

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How Automatic Outbound Caller ID Works

An automatic outbound caller ID is the number your contacts will see instead of the one you are actually calling from. This can be helpful if you have a business in a country where your external numbers lack coverage or portability.

Let’s say your agents are based in India but they need to call clients living in the United Kingdom. After an agent dials the client’s number, the system automatically selects your previously purchased UK phone number to be displayed on the recipient’s caller ID.

What Makes Automatic Outbound Caller ID Unique?

Reduce Call Charges

Take your business across your country’s border without breaking the bank – now with cheap, local numbers. International phone numbers are significantly easier to set up than local numbers, whether you make or take phone calls.

Improve Response Rate

Ever received a call from an unknown foreign number? Chances are, you didn’t pick up. With an international caller ID, your clients will see a phone number that looks and acts local to where they’re from, making them more likely to answer.

Build a worldwide presence even for smaller businesses

When you’re just starting out, every penny counts. International caller ID allows you to be present in over 160 countries with local numbers, without high fees and a long administration process. Open up to the world!

Automate your workflows

Our outbound international caller IDs are completely automatic. Whoever you call, the phone number will be displayed on their phone in a local format. Paired with our call center software, you can easily automate logging and follow-ups.

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What is an international outbound caller ID?

An Outbound Caller ID is the phone number displayed on the call recipient’s device (desk phone, Softphone, and mobile apps) when you make a call. You can display different caller IDs depending on the contact’s location.

How does outbound caller ID work?

Imagine you have a Czech, Polish, French, and German phone number, and one of your agents needs to call a client living in Germany. After the agent dials the client’s number, the system automatically selects your German phone number to be displayed on the recipient’s caller ID.

How to set up an outbound caller ID 

Your agents can manually select the best outbound caller ID, if necessary. They can choose your company’s numbers in the CloudTalk interface. You can set up a caller ID in your CloudTalk dashboard by navigating to Agents on the left-hand side, and clicking on the pencil icon next to the agent’s name. However, the system will automatically attempt to match the right phone number with the contact’s country code, provided you have a matching number in your pool of numbers.

Why should you use local presence dialing?

Outbound caller IDs help you reduce call charges because you are making phone calls from local numbers. When the client sees a local caller ID instead of an unfamiliar foreign number, he is more likely to pick up the phone.

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