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Automatic outbound caller ID

CloudTalk allows you to set an outbound caller ID automatically based on the call destination country. Your clients abroad will receive a local phone call instead of an international one.

The automatic outbound caller ID feature ensures that your agents call your foreign-based clients from a local phone number. For example:

  • your company operates in 4 countries – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany
  • you have a Czech, Polish, and German phone number
  • one of your agents needs to call a client living in Germany
  • after the agent dials the client’s number, the system automatically selects your German phone number to be displayed on the recipient’s caller ID

The outbound caller ID feature helps you reduce call charges because you are making phone calls from local numbers. Furthermore, when the client sees a local caller ID instead of an unfamiliar foreign number, he is more likely to pick up the phone.

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Select your outbound caller ID manually

Your agents can manually select the best outbound caller ID, if necessary. They can simply choose any of your company’s numbers in the CloudTalk interface.

Outbound caller ID feature expedites connection with clients and optimizes expenses for international calls. 

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