29. October 2020 Blog

Best 6 Hubspot Phone Integrations, Dialers & Calling Apps

Do you know how you can get even more power out of Hubspot’s CRM tool? By integrating it with an equally powerful call center tool. But which to pick? Here’s our comparison of the 6 most popular Hubspot phone integrations, dialers and calling apps!

Regardless of a company’s size, industry, product, or niche, there’s one thing that’s always important, which is having top-notch customer service. For this, you need data, and a lot of it. But how to keep track of all this data? For plenty of companies, spreadsheets, sticky notes, and emails are the go-to solutions for storing and analyzing their customer data. And as long as they are able to track what is stored where, then all seems to be fine.

Problems start when adding information to the spreadsheets or updating databases begins to take a long time. Or when salespeople get confused by having to compare five different files coming from five different coworkers, for example. And what about the worst-case scenario, when you start losing “those important files”?

To solve all of these issues, save time and money, as well as organize their data, companies are turning to CRM platforms. A CRM system is a tool that is designed to help you with storing and organizing your data more efficiently, easily keeping track of all important metrics for your business, and also providing your salespeople with many features to automate some of their tasks.

According to the Linkedin State of Sales report, 65% of sales professionals use CRM, and 97% consider sales technology to be either “very important” or “important”. One of the most popular CRM platforms available on the market is Hubspot.

What is HubSpot?

Hubspot is a CRM platform for growing businesses to help them with automating some sales tasks and freeing up time for salespeople so that they can take care of customers. It takes care of small but time-consuming tasks such as managing and updating databases, recording calls, and lead scoring to save your team members’ time. Hubspot also gives them an overview of the sales funnel on their dashboard, with all deals, offers, and KPIs being displayed. 

Call center integration for HubSpot.  


Rating on Capterra 4.5

Pricing: Hubspot offers a free (but limited) CRM tool. The paid plans start from $40 a month if paid annually, up to $1,200 for the enterprise version.

Features: The free version provides the typical features of a CRM tool (email tracking, analytical dashboard, deal overview, tasks, and activity monitoring), while the paid version also offers advanced analytic and automation tools.

Integrations: Over 200, with the number still growing. 

Mobile app: Yes, available for both IOS and Android.

Pros: A large number of integrations available, a clear and straightforward user dashboard.

Cons: The free version is limited, and the paid plan is relatively pricey.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days.

Now, CRM can already be incredibly useful as it is, but do you know how you can make it even more powerful? By using various Hubspot phone integrations features. This way, your agents can easily access all data about their customers, without having to look for the coworker who was taking care of that client previously. Also, agents don’t have to jump between several screens just to find the data they need or compare metrics - everything is visible on one dashboard. What else can you do with a well-integrated CRM and contact center system?

  • Use data from your CRM to create caller queues and redirect incoming calls to the right person or department. This will help to improve your First Call Resolution KPI and also increase customer satisfaction levels.
  • If the caller has interacted with the company previously, all relevant information about the caller can be found quickly before the call is answered. This ensures that the agent has all of the details they need to help the caller to the best of their abilities. 
  • With integrated systems, your team members can automate several tasks and reduce the time they spend on administrative ones, such as updating databases or sending emails.
  • With the data from your CRM, you can create more efficient outbound campaigns.
  • Your employees’ productivity will increase, as they can focus on helping customers rather than on administrative tasks. 
  • With the data about customers’ previous purchases, salespeople can create personalised offers or upsell additional products to customers more easily.
  • An integrated contact center with CRM helps managers with regularly tracking the performance of its employees. That way, managers can reward the best-performing agents or arrange additional training sessions for those who aren’t doing well. 

But which integrations should you choose, when Hubspot offers almost 50 dialers and calling apps? We have picked the 6 most popular tools out of all the Hubspot phone integrations for call centers, and compared them using data from Capterra. 

6 call center tools you can integrate with Hubspot

#1 CloudTalk

CloudTalk is an cloud-based phone system which was designed for especially for sales and customer support teams. It provides 50+ advanced call centre features, 140+ phone numbers from all around the world and 25+ powerful integrations, including HubSpot.

Thanks to this simple and quick integration, you can start to initiate calls by clicking your HubSpot contacts, access callers information with the single click or have synchronized all the notes, tags, communication in both tools.

Cloudtalk is the 4th best rated calling app in the Hubspot Marketplace. 


Pricing: From $15 for the starter plan to $35 a month for the Expert plan, paid annually.

Features: Predictive dialer, International numbers, call queuing, and an IVR menu, just to name a few.

Integrations: Besides many direct integrations (like Hubspot, Intercom, and Slack), CloudTalk also has an integration with Zapier that allows all of its apps to be connected to Cloudtalk.

Mobile app: Available for both IOS and Android.

Pros: Very easy to implement, affordable pricing plans, phone numbers from over 140 countries.

Cons: According to Capterra reviewers, the mobile app needs a bit more work.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days.  

#2 CallRail

CallRail is a call tracking and conversion intelligence tool that is powered by AI. Their main focus is monitoring and analytics for phone calls, web forms, and text messages. Here are their main features:


Pricing: From $45 to $145 per month.

Features: To name just a few, CallRail offers call recording and transcription, call forwarding, plus online and offline call tracking.

Integrations: Multiple, from Hubspot and Kissmetrics, to Pipeline and Optimizely. Like Cloudtalk, they have an integration with Zapier. 

Mobile app: Available for both IOS and Android.

Pros: Quick to set-up and use, a clear and straightforward dashboard.

Cons: They only support four countries for now - the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Their support quality leaves room for improvement. 

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days.

#3 Kixie Powercall

Kixie is an AI-powered autodialer tool that can be installed in seconds as a Chrome browser extension. It can also be used as an on-premises system. One of their most interesting features is local presence, which automatically generates a local call number that your prospect sees on their display, no matter where you are calling from. What else can Powercall offer? 


Pricing: From $29 for to $55 a month for the annual plan ($35 to $65 for a monthly plan).

Features: Some of the most useful features include autodialing, click to call, analytic features, and International phone numbers being available to buy.

Integrations: Among others, Powercall can be integrated with Hubspot, Active Campaign and Mailchimp. They also offer Zapier integration.

Mobile app: Available for both IOS and Android.

Pros: Easy to integrate with other tools, friendly support and a great onboarding team.

Cons: Some reviewers claim the tool is difficult to use without training from onboarding agents. Their trial is only seven days long.

Free Trial: Yes, for 7 days.

#4 Aircall

Aircall is a cloud-based phone solution that has over 50 integrations to help companies move their call centers to the cloud. Here’s an overview of its features:  


Pricing: From $30 a month for an essential plan to $50 for enterprise, billed annually.

Features: Among others, Aircall offers toll-free numbers, call conferencing, an IVR menu and Queue Callback, plus collaboration features such as shared contacts.

Integrations: Over 50 integrations, plus integration with Zapier is available.

Mobile app: Available for both IOS and Android.

Pros: Robust and easy to use mobile app. Option to sync contacts between different phone lines.

Cons: No option to pay monthly, as it only offers yearly plans. Their trial is only available for seven days.

Free Trial: Yes, for 7 days.

#5 Ring Central

RingCentral is a flexible virtual contact center solution for small and large companies. Here’s what you should know about it: 


Pricing: From $19.99 for its Essential plan to $49.99 for Ultimate, paid annually.

Features: Local and toll-free numbers, call screening and blocking, personalized greetings, and an IVR menu.

Integrations: Over 200 integrations are available, including Salesforce, Slack, Zoho and Mailchimp.

Mobile app: Available for both IOS and Android.

Pros:  An incredible number of integrations.

Cons: Their mobile app is quite difficult to use according to reviewers.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days.

#6 Justcall

Justcall is a cloud-based phone system that boasts its users can quickly and easily buy local phone numbers from over 59 countries. But that’s not their only feature - there’s far more: 


Pricing: From $20 to $40 per user, paid annually.

Features: Call tracking, call recording, call and SMS analytics, pay per minute calls.

Integrations: Over 40, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk and Slack. Also includes all apps available through Zapier integration. 

Mobile app: Available for both IOS and Android.

Pros: A very helpful and reliable support team.

Cons: No free trial to test the app before purchasing. Call quality sometimes visibly drops.

Free Trial: No.

Increase your sales results with these cold calling templatesConclusion:

Hubspot is one of the most popular customer relationship management tools thanks to several powerful features, but not only. Why not take advantage of the various Hubspot phone integrations and connect your call centre system to Hubspot? With an integrated system, your team members will have all of the data they need to offer exceptional customer service, safely stored in one place. Why would they spend time updating customers’ data manually or comparing the data coming from two different tools if they can have it all on one dashboard?

If you are not sure which call center tool to use, we would recommend choosing one of the Hubspot phone integrations from our list and testing out the trial version. How about trying CloudTalk for a 14 day free trial? That way, you can test the tool inside out and see all the benefits for yourself.