What is an Auto-Answer? Step By Step Guide How To Set It Up

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If you are managing a call center, you know that the time is precious. Every second counts and affects your overall performance. The Auto-Answer feature is here to help. It assists in the handling of large call volumes, which in turn enables you to grow your business faster, increase your capacity and improve customer experience. 

What is Auto-Answer?

Auto-Answer is an advanced AI-powered answering system. It allows calls to be picked up automatically and routed to the first available agent in line. This happens after a predefined amount of seconds, without a rep having to click the “accept” button. 

To boost the efficiency of Auto-Answer, you can set up a multi-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu. At CloudTalk, it is a part of a complex ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system. 

Instead of the calls being connected to a random available agent, it can guarantee that the customer will reach exactly who they need to speak with. An IVR system greets the caller with pre-recorded messages, guiding them through a handful of options (For orders, press 1. For invoices, press 2…) so that, in the end, the call is routed to the most suitable agent or department.

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In CloudTalk, we offer plenty of advanced routing options, such as skill-based or caller-based routing. You can read more about them in a list of our 70+ tools.

Auto-answers can also be set for outbound calls. When sales representatives make a call and the person on the order-side picks up, reps no longer need to manually confirm that they wish to proceed with the call.

Set Up Auto-Answer with CloudTalk

How can you make someone’s phone answer calls automatically? Setting up Auto-Answer within CloudTalk is fairly straightforward. In fact, it’s a no-brainer that takes only a few clicks. 

Here is how to set up Auto-Answer with CloudTalk:

  • Log in to your CloudTalk account 
  • On the left side of the Dashboard menu, click “Account – Settings”
  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the page
  • Find “Autopickups” section with two categories:
  1. Automatically pick up “dialed” calls
  2. Automatically pick up inbound calls
  • Click the button with the default setting “Agents can define themselves” for the category where you want to enable automatic answering.
  • In the case of ”Automatically pick up “dialed” calls”, set the option to “on” 
  • In the case of “Automatically pick up inbound calls”, choose the number of seconds you’d like to elapse before calls are answered. It can be after 1, 2 or 5 seconds
  • As the last step, don’t forget to click the green button, “Save settings”
  • You are good to go.

3 Things Auto-Answer Brings to Your Business

Now you may be thinking that something this simple can’t make a difference. Well, it can and here is why:

#1 It Enhances Performance

Did you know that most people hang up the phone after around 3 rings? Therefore, having an Auto-Answer system set up at your business can be a real lifesaver. By connecting your calls automatically, you can always be sure clients’ needs are attended to in good time

With Auto-Answer, you minimize waiting times, reach much higher answer rates, and reduce the number of calls that route to voicemail

#2 It Boosts Business Efficiency

In the case of outbound calls, you decrease the likelihood that you will lose your leads before your rep approves of the interaction. 

Regarding inbound calls, customers think highly of you when they feel like you care. Showing clients that there’s always someone to assist them not only makes you look more professional and reliable, it also boosts your work efficiency. 

How? Fast pick up times create space to interact with more customers

Calls also don’t necessarily have to be routed to a human. According to a Microsoft survey, 86% of customers now expect that businesses have self-service options.

Therefore, if you use an IVR, you can set an option of automatic pre-recorded messages to answer simple questions. For example, if a customer enters an order number, the system can inform him about the current status. 

This way, your customer support line can, to an extent, operate 24/7

Here is a video where you can see how to set the pre-recorded answers in CloudTalk IVR menu:

#3 It Supports Agents’ Productivity

Every business works better when its workers know what to expect. Auto-answer brings order into your daily processes. It takes away the need of micromanaging your agents, constantly keeping track of whether or not they pick up calls on time. 

The Auto-Answer tool also supports agents’ productivity, since they have no time to procrastinate. Just be sure that you don’t overwhelm your employees. That can easily lead to burnout. 


The purpose of the Auto-Answer is simple. If you face a high volume of calls each day, it takes a load off your shoulders and decreases your agents’ workload

It is basically a small feature that can make a big difference. By automating call answering at your business, you can lower your call abandonment rate, interact with more clients and build stronger relationships. You also boost agents’ productivity.

And the best part? With CloudTalk, you literally need only a minute to set it up. 

Want to try our Auto-Answer yourself?