Blacklist phone numbers

Compile a blacklist of blocked phone numbers and avoid undesirable inbound or outbound calls which are irrelevant for your business.

CloudTalk allows you to compile a blacklist of phone numbers so that you can block any unsolicited calls when they try to contact your call center. You can add any phone numbers into your blacklist, for example:

  • bots
  • annoying vendors
  • persistent telemarketers
  • spam callers

Blocking unsolicited inbound and outbound calls is an excellent call center software feature. Blacklist protects your agents against unwanted calls. This has a major impact on their productivity and saves you time and money.

Create a blacklist in a few seconds

In just a few clicks, you can add a phone number into your blacklist and block it immediately. This feature will also make sure that such calls are not charged to you. You can add, edit or remove phone numbers from your blacklist at any time.

Thanks to this feature, your agents will not waste their time and focus on what really matters – your clients.

These features might be interesting for you

  • Smart dialer - CloudTalk will compile a list of number from any website or system and create a calling queue directly to your CloudTalk phone app
  • Business hours - Define your business hours and decide when you are available for receiving calls. 
  • Call flow designer - With Call Flow Designer, you can also set a customized sequence of steps individually for each phone number according to your evolving business needs.
  • SMS/Text Messages - This feature allows you to send personal messages or general notifications to your customers and make your contact center work much more effective. 

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