International phone numbers for your call center

Acquire international numbers (with geographic or non-geographic codes) from more than 70 countries. Local phone numbers allow customers from abroad to call you at standard local rates or free of charge.

With CloudTalk’s international numbers feature, you can acquire phone numbers from more than 70 countries around the world. So if your company operates in several countries, each country can have its own phone number (e.g. US numbers in the USA, British numbers in UK, etc.) which allows you to provide your clients with services from familiar numbers.

It is entirely up to you whether you opt for international numbers with geographic codes (e.g. 01 for Paris, 020 for London, etc.) or non-geographic codes. Numbers with geographic codes tend to be more clear and familiar for customers, because they instantly know that the call will be charged at a local rate, which eliminates uncertainty.

Use international numbers and make your customer support solution more efficient for international inbound calls. It’s also a cheaper option for receiving international calls.

Expand globally

Get local or toll-free phone numbers from multiple countries or port your existing phone numbers. This feature enables you to expand your team of agents and become a global provider with better customer support.

With CloudTalk, you can route international numbers anywhere within the country, so you can expand your customer base without having to move your offices.

Customer support solution with geographic phone numbers

Route your incoming calls from designated regions or countries to the right agent or group of agents based on their qualification, expertise and language skills.

Directing calls to the most optimal agent improves quality of your service, customer satisfaction and allows your agents to effectively address customer needs.

Call statistics by phone number

In CloudTalk, you can filter call statistics by phone number. With comprehensive statistics related to specific phone numbers, you can optimize your call center workflows, such as:

  • boost agent performance
  • increase sales and reduce costs of your business
  • improve customer support processes and foster overall customer satisfaction

Based on these metrics, you can make better business decisions.

For example, if you have an e-commerce operating in two (or more) countries, you can view separate call statistics for each country and even for each phone number within the country.

International numbers purchase and settings

Acquiring international numbers is very quick and easy – in CloudTalk interface, you can check which international numbers are available, purchase them and start using them immediately.

Once you’ve purchased an international number, you can customize the settings based on your business needs to improve customer experience.

  • ring settings – the inbound call can ring to a group of agents or a designated agent. This feature applies for fax and advanced dial plan as well.
  • call redirecting – when all agents are busy, redirect your calls to another phone number or voicemail or play an absence message with callback option (the sequence of steps is up to you)
  • select your business hours for a particular phone number, including messages to be played outside of this time
  • customer greetings and special information (e.g. your contact details)

Using international phone numbers creates long-term financial benefits, as they are efficient in handling inbound international calls and reduce the number of unanswered calls. 

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