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The 6 Best Intercom Phone Integrations and Calling Apps

Intercom is already one of the most powerful and popular tools when it comes to customer support. But when connected with a call center or a calling app, its capabilities can grow even more. Which one out of the long list of available Intercom phone integrations to pick? Read our list of the 6 best intercom integrations to find out!

The times when companies could neglect customer service in favor of lead generation are long gone.



Customers still have problems with reaching customer service: 

According to SuperOffice research, companies tend to take around 12 hours to respond to an email from a customer. And let's not even talk about phone support - getting connected to the right person at the first attempt is still pretty tricky.

To speed up customer service and improve customer satisfaction, plenty of customers have started to use live chat tools such as Intercom.

What is Intercom?

If you have thought about getting a live-chat system for your company then you have surely heard about Intercom, as it's one of the most powerful and popular conversational platforms on the market

The system's core is a live-chat messenger system that allows your support team to help website visitors much faster than is possible via phone or email. Intercom also offers a self-service center where customers can find answers to their issues themselves by searching the knowledge base or asking a bot to help them with simple but common issues.

Besides those main features, Intercom also provides several other in-built tools such as those for marketing automation, email marketing, and lead generation. What else should you know about Intercom?

Call center integration for Intercom  


Rating on Capterra: 4.5

Pricing: From $39 for the most basic plan, through $499 for an advanced plan, and $999 for the Enterprise plan.

Features: Besides live-chat, which is the core of the Intercom platform, it also has an impressive number of tools, from marketing automation (such as customizable CTA buttons) to email automation and an autoresponder.

Integrations: Over 150, from automation and analytics tools to CRM and scheduling tools.

Mobile app: Available for Android & iOS.

Pros: High customization capabilities and a large amount of in-built tools.

Cons: You need to calculate the cost of their plans carefully to avoid a surprise during the billing period as the pricing is quite complicated.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days.

Even though Intercom itself is pretty powerful, it can't do everything. For example, it can’t handle calls in the way that a cloud phone system or a calling app can. But what if you could connect Intercom to a calling app or cloud phone system by using one of the dozens of available Intercom phone integrations? 

  • Customer support agents would be able to automate several tasks that were taking a lot of time, therefore increasing their productivity.
  • Calls could be tracked, recorded, and automatically saved to your Intercom database, for easy access to them whenever you or your support team needs.
  • Integrating a phone system to Intercom gives your support team access to all information about your customers and creates a personalized experience.
  • By using data coming from the Intercom system, not only would your support team be able to provide a top-notch customer experience, but also create tailored content and campaigns.

When it comes to phone and video integrations, Intercom can be seamlessly connected to 27 different tools and apps, from simple video sharing apps to full-fledged virtual cloud systems. Which should you use?

Best Intercom Phone Integrations and Calling Apps

#1 CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a cloud-based phone system for support and sales teams. CloudTalk gives you better ability to manage your call flows, make time-saving automations, log all your calling activities and much more. 

This integration will give you access to all call history data and call recordings within your Intercom account. If you make or receive a call (including Missed calls and Voicemails), it will be instantly sent to Intercom as conversation or event. In addition, all conversations and contacts will be synced with CloudTalk, so your team will be more efficient.


Pricing: From $15 for the starter plan to $35 per month for the Expert plan, paid annually.

Features: Over 50, including International and toll-free numbers from over 160 countries, inbound, outbound and blended call center, plus various reporting and analytics tools.

Integrations: 26 available, plus Zapier integration.

Mobile app: Available for Android & iOS.

Pros: You can obtain a local phone number from over 160 countries straight from the app.

Cons: Several users complain about the lack of features, bugs, and the overall speed of the mobile app.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days.

#2 CallHippo


Pricing: From $16 a month for a basic plan to $30 a month.

Features: CallHippo provides regular call center and telephony tools, such as IVR, Call logging, monitoring and recording, plus several reporting/analytics tools.

Integrations: Over 90, from the most popular CRM systems to help desks, analytics tools, and productivity apps. They can also be integrated with Zapier, to indirectly connect all Zapier apps with CallHippo.

Mobile app: Available for Android & iOS.

Pros: Very kind and helpful customer service, one of the highest number of integrations available.

Cons: The basic version is severely limited, with most tools essential for call centers (like IVR or Power Dialer) only available on higher pricing plans.

Free Trial: Only at request.

#3 Nuacom

Nuacom is an "All-in-one" VOIP phone system solution for businesses of all types and sizes. Compared to other companies mentioned here, Nuacom, besides their system, also offers several VOIP-compatible on-premises phones. Here’s what else should you know about it: 


Pricing: From €9.99 ($12) to €34.99 ($41) per agent, per month.

Features: Over 50, from smart call transfers, click-to-call, and SMS messages, to various automation options such as IVR and time-based call routing.

Integrations: Nuacom has only 10 direct integrations (with the main CRM providers, Intercom, and Google tools), but it can be connected with other apps via Zapier. 

Mobile app: Available for Android & iOS.

Pros: Exceptional customer support, according to Capterra users.

Cons: Setting up the system and its initial usage can be a bit troublesome.

Free Trial: Yes, for 14 days.

#4 Ozonetel

Ozonetel CloudAgent can be used for both inbound and outbound communication with clients, since it can provide omnichannel support (email, calls, SMS, and social media). What's interesting is that they have both cloud, hybrid, and on-premises options, so a company can pick the option that suits them best. Here's what else you should know about it:


Pricing: From $25 to $55 per agent, per month

Features: To name just a few, Ozonetel offers queue management, call recording, an inbound and outbound call center, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and text-to-speech. 

Integrations: Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and Freshworks.

Mobile app: No.

Pros: AI-Based Speech Analytics tools that monitor an agent's speed and voice volume, and tracks customer sentiment towards the company.

Cons: No Zapier integration, which heavily restricts the integration options, plus they don't have a mobile app yet.

Free Trial: Yes, 14 days.

#5 CallFire

CallFire is a simple and easy to use call tracking and recording service for both small and medium-sized businesses. What more should you know about this system?


Pricing: From $99 per agent, per month to $599 for the pro version

Features: Call logging, routing, monitoring and recording, customized voicemail, an IVR menu, customized scripts, and a predictive dialer, among others.

Integrations: Their website doesn't have a list of available options, however the app is mentioned on the Zapier website as having an integration with it. 

Mobile app: No.

Pros: Versatile and easy to use.

Cons: Lack of mobile app, lack of integration list on their website.

Free Trial: Yes


There's no doubt that Intercom is already an incredible customer support tool, but with the right integrations it can become even more powerful. Using one of Intercom’s Phone Integrations can be especially useful for your business, as they can naturally improve your support team’s productivity thanks to automating some of their daily tools. This will also improve customer satisfaction as a result.

Nowadays, when the customer experience has become such an important factor when it comes to choosing a brand or product, proving top-notch customer service might be just the thing that gives you an advantage.

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to integrating Intercom with phone systems or calling apps, why not pick one of the integrations above and see how well it works for your business?

All of the above tools offer a trial period during which you can test the tool inside out. This includes CloudTalk, which has a 14-day free trial that gives you plenty of time to see how the tool works for yourself.

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