Make (formerly Integromat) integration

Connect CloudTalk with your favorite apps to automate your work. 

Integration overview

Make is a visual platform that lets you design, build, and automate anything – from simple tasks to complex workflows – in minutes. With Make, you can send information between CloudTalk and thousands of apps to improve customer support and communication. It’s fast and easy to use, visually intuitive, and it requires zero coding expertise.

Create without limits

Make lets you build as if you were a developer, without writing any code.

  • Design workflows with as many steps as you need
  • Integrate an infinite number of apps in a single workflow
  • To build complex workflows, you can use Make’s powerful no-code toolkit, which includes advanced features like iterators, aggregators, conditional logic, filtering, error handling, execution history log, and more.

Build faster than ever

  • With Make, it’s fast and easy to create, test and edit workflows
  • Reduce your time to deployment by 5x. Debug your workflow in real time to identify and solve errors, rather than searching through lines of code.

Get rid of the manual work and focus on innovating

  • Choose a CloudTalk template to help you get started, or build your own from scratch
  • Make empowers creators across all business areas, sizes, and backgrounds to build solutions to workplace challenges. It’s never too late to start.

Here are some of the ways to use CloudTalk with Make:

  • צור יומן שיחות ב-Google Sheets עבור כל שיחה שביצעת או קיבלת ב-CloudTalk
  • צור או עדכן איש קשר ב-Highrise משיחה הרשומה ב-CloudTalk
  • קבל הודעת פוש ב-Pushbullet עבור כל הודעה קולית חדשה שקיבלת בתוך CloudTalk
  • Create or update a contact in your CRM or helpdesk system
  • Make Zendesk tickets from new CloudTalk calls
  • צור עסקת ActiveCampaign חדשה עבור שיחות שאתה מקבל ב-CloudTalk

How to setup CloudTalk + Make integration

  • Sign up for Make to get started
  • Create a new scenario by connecting app modules and selecting triggers and actions
  • Give your scenario a quick test run
  • If you’re happy with it, set it to run on a schedule, then sit back and relax