Manage you agent information online

You can add new agents into your call center, modify their details and remove agents who no longer work with you. There’s no need to contact us, you can do everything related to agent management yourself, with no hassle.

Do you need to modify details related to your agents, assign them to another call queue or create a unique extension? You can configure all these options and many more easily and quickly in the same CloudTalk interface you use every day.

Simple and quick agent management 

In the Agents tab which contains a list of all your agents, you can add a new agent in one click. Apart from basic information, such as name, surname, gender and business email, you can also configure the following:

  • unique extension for each agent
  • password to be used for CloudTalk interface
  • user role – agent or administrator (a role with extended access and more permissions)
  • interface language
  • call queues
  • and much more

After you set up a new agent, you can move to more advanced features to make the agent’s everyday work easier and to increase customer satisfaction. For each agent, the following elements can be configured as well:

  • outbound number to be used for client calls
  • outbound number to be automatically selected when making international calls
  • real-time customer card to provide the agent with access to all customer interactions with your company
  • skills and competences with skill-based routing feature

All data and information related to your agents can be easily configured thanks to our Online Agent Management feature to help you increase team efficiency and improve customer support.

With our Online Agent Management feature, you can modify agent information anytime based on your evolving business needs.

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