Create Positive Experiences for Customers and Agents alike with After Call Work

After Call Work (ACW) is an easy-to-use program that helps improve the experiences for call center agents and the customers who communicate with them by making after call workflows simple and easy to execute.

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What is After Call Work (ACW) in Call Centers?

ACW is a term that refers to the work processes that take place after a call ends and before the next one begins. It can include logging notes about the call, emailing prospects about key points discussed, and updating comments on your CRM. Most call center software has time set aside for agents during which they can do ACW.

What Makes ACW Special?

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Maintain the vital connection between your and your customers

Organizational tasks like assigning call tags and writing down call notes help your agents stay on top of their work, while communication tasks like sending follow-up emails remind customers that their needs are always top of mind for your business.

Develop stronger sales processes

ACW allows your agents to address important action items immediately rather than putting them off for later — and potentially forgetting about them. “There’s no time like the present” is a good mantra to live by if you want your call center team to perform at their best and, as a result, have truly satisfied customers. 

Ensure that agents have necessary downtime 

Even the most experienced agents make mistakes, especially in a fast-moving environment of sales and support. Avoid errors at all costs and let CloudTalk take care of distracting tasks, such as manual dialing or copy-pasting.


Easily send follow-up emails or SMS messages to customers

Sometimes it’s necessary to send follow-up emails or SMS messages to customers. ACW makes space in your schedule for these tasks and makes them easy to complete. 

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What is After Call Work (ACW) in Call Centers?

After Call Work is defined as the process of wrapping up the current call before being available for the next call. It can include logging notes about the call, emailing prospects on key points discussed, and updating comments on the CRM. Most call center software have a time set aside for agents during which they can do ACW.

How can you reduce After Call Work in a call center?

Reduce the number of tasks – Invest in a good call center software solution that will help automate repetitive tasks, thus helping shave off minutes from ACW time and increase productivity.
Boost agent efficiency – Create a clear step-by-step plan for ACW to improve performance and explore gamification options to reward wins.

How to calculate ACW in a call center and how  does ACW impact the Average Handle Time (AHT)?

The formula to calculate ACW is:
Average ACW = Total ACW time in one day/Total number of calls in that day

The formula to calculate AHT:
AHT = (Total talk time + ACW time) / Total number of calls
Thus, the higher the ACW time, the higher will be the average handle time. This will negatively impact the call resolution rate in your call center.

Why is After Call Work important?

After Call Work is included in the calculation of Average Handle Time (AHT), and AHT is an important metric to maintain when it comes to the overall operational efficiency of your call center. ACW also helps improve agent productivity, provide a better customer experience, and helps boost employee morale.

How can you better manage your After Call Work?

Put a Customized CRM system in place
Mentor and Coach Agents to Multitask and use call texts effectively
Optimize Business Processes
Gather and Analyze Feedback
Use a Knowledge Base

How Long Should After Call Work Take?

According to the International Finance Corporation, it takes an agent about 6 minutes to wrap up post call formalities after every customer interaction. ACW is a critical component of operational efficiency, and is included in the average handle time (AHT) of a call.

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