Stay Connected to Your Team With Conference Calls

Improve teamwork with conference calls. Schedule internal and external conference calls within minutes. Staying in touch with your clients, suppliers, and team has never been easier.

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How Does Conference Calling Work?

Experience hassle-free and secure group conversations with conference calling.

The tool lets you have group conversations from anywhere, on any device. Participants can join a virtual meeting room by dialing a special number or clicking an invitation link and entering a passcode.

What Value Does Conference Calling Bring You?

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Save Time and Money on Travel

Say goodbye to wasting time and resources on commuting, and hold your meetings virtually.

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Work From Anywhere

Conference calling offers the flexibility to participate in a group conversation from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have a device and internet connection.

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Improve Productivity

Take part in efficient and organized group discussions, reducing the time spent on too much back-and-forth, leading to better results and outcomes.


Embrace Remote Work

Collaborate with team members globally with an efficient remote work solution. With features like call recording, even asynchronous work is possible.

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“You can do almost anything with this program (conference, transfer, hold). Also, there is ZERO delay, and you can record and track your statistics. I would recommend this app to everyone!.“

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What is a conference call?

A conference call is a virtual meeting conducted over the phone where participants dial in to a conference bridge number and join a global virtual meeting room. Participants may also connect using a web conferencing service with a provided URL. 

If you want to have your conference calls productive and pleasant, follow our 10 rules for Conference call etiquette.

How to set up a conference call

1. Generally, you’d first choose the date and time you want your conference call to happen. If your conference call tool integrates with Google Calendar or Microsoft 365, it’s even easier. Just create a meeting invite right in there, and your conference calling platform’s integration should automatically create a meeting link in the invite.

2. Then, invite everyone you want to participate in the teleconference. That usually means giving them a PIN, a dial-in number if it’s needed, and the date/time, of course.

3. Start the online meeting. Everyone you’ve invited can now click the link to join, or dial in and use the provided PIN to join the call.

How to get a free conference call number

There are several free conference call providers accessible, and they offer a variety of features and functionality. Despite this, commercial conferencing services typically offer more features and capabilities than these free options.

The majority of free conference call services provide:

Screen sharing, audio, and video conferencing
Dedicated access code and/or dial-in number
Call detail reports and/or call recording

Free conferencing apps often impose limits on the number of participants in a conference and frequently place time limits on how long you can use the conference room in exchange for these calling options.

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