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Why are integrations so important for
your ecosystem?

Integrations are fundamental tools for every business. No matter the size or industry. If you work in SaaS, like we do at CloudTalk, you may find yourself in a situation when there’s a need to connect your internal software with other tools. Then, you will have to provide your customer with valuable integrations they can use along with your software. By adding an integration, you will help them improve their business processes and drive revenue.

What can you expect when integrating with us?

We are constantly working on improving our current API, so you can have a smooth experience with integrating CloudTalk by yourself. Yet, our integration team is ready to assist you at each stage of the partnership.

Human touch is one of our core values. In case we aren’t able to integrate with your software, we will always reach you out and explain why.

We thoroughly examine every request and evaluate whether or not we can proceed with an introductory call. It is fundamental for us to carefully follow the technical partners and help them when they need us. This is why we have to prioritise some requests over others.

Our Ecosystem Partnership Manager will reach out to you once we accept your request. From that moment, this person becomes your main point of contact throughout the partnership. An Integrations Product Manager will follow up with you on the technical topics. Further, one of our Product Marketing Managers will make sure that the partnership is visible on both marketplaces, social networks and newsletters.

What are the advantages
of integrating with CloudTalk?

Join - plus one person

Free to join! We do not apply partnership fees. For us, the selection of qualitative partners is more important.


You will have a dedicated team throughout the whole partnership.


You can participate in co-marketing activities with us such as webinars and podcasts.


You will join our marketplace along with some of the top solutions for customer relationship management (Pipedrive, HubSpot, SalesForce), sales automation (Outreach, SalesLoft), support (Helpdesk, Zendesk, Front, Zoho Desk), e-commerce (Shopify), and more.

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