Automated call redirection

With our business phone system, your clients will always reach you. CloudTalk allows you to automatically redirect incoming calls to a selected phone number each time your agents are busy or unavailable during business hours.

CloudTalk’s Automated Call Redirection feature included in our business phone system solution will ensure that all your calls coming in to company are taken care of, even when a specific agent is busy or unavailable. 

How does automated call redirection work?

CloudTalk enables you to route calls directed to any of your phone numbers to a designated phone number.

  1. A client dials one of your phone numbers
  2. The agent or caller queue assigned to that number is not free to answer the call (all agents are busy or unavailable)
  3. The customer’s call will be forwarded to another phone number of your choice, for example to another caller queue

For example, automated call redirection can be used during lunch break or modified business hours which can be configured for each of your phone numbers individually.

Increase customer satisfaction with our business phone system solution

With automated call redirection included in your business phone system solution, you make sure that you will not disappoint customers and you will never miss the opportunity to connect with them and address their issue or request. You will never lose prospects who might never call you again.

This feature is a reliable backup plan for receiving calls when all agents in a specific caller queue are busy or offline. 

With automated call redirection to a designated phone number, you will make sure that your clients can always reach you.

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