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SQL Exporter (Closed Beta)

Connect your call center data from CloudTalk to your business intelligent tool and start building dashboards and statistics that matter most to your business. All without a need for coding skills.

Get useful insights & understand trends from your data

Nowadays, many teams have started to understand the importance of big data for their businesses. Companies often collect data from various tools and sources to achieve a deeper analysis, resulting in a better overview of what is happening in their business from many angles. 

Luckily, data discovery and data visualization are no longer limited to the expertise of advanced analytics specialists. Thanks to business intelligence tools, everyone can capitalize on data collection.

Transfer call center data to your business intelligence tool with ease

Business intelligence tools provide insight that helps you understand your business needs. It’s crucial in determining your focus, achieving business growth, resolving issues and establishing preventive steps. 

The proper tools enable you to collect data from several sources in one place, making forecasting future trends that much simpler. The overall result? Management making better business decisions, faster and more confidently.

CloudTalk gives you the possibility to push data to your systems in several ways (native integrations, APIs, etc.). And with SQL Exporter, you can do so at lightning speed, no coding skills required. We enable you to access your CloudTalk call center data, so you can do with it what you need.

  • Build the custom statistics or dashboards your business requires;
  • Gain real-time access to your call center data at the necessary scale (SQL Exporter lets you access an even larger scale of statistics, compared to CloudTalk Stats in the dashboard);
  • Get a complex overview and big picture from your business intelligence tool thanks to insights from various sources (CRM, call center software, helpdesk tools, etc.).

CloudTalk allows you to connect with these business intelligence tools like:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Google Data Studio
  • Tableau
  • Redash
  • and many more!

Data groups that are exported from CloudTalk to your BI tool:

  • Contacts (with notes, activities attributes, customer attributes)
  • Agents (with status changes)
  • Groups
  • Calls (with Call Flow Designer steps)
  • SMS

Provide better service with CloudTalk

Customer and agent illustration

Analyze the performance of any specific department

Sales teams

Enrich your CRM data, NPS and sales engagement platform with CloudTalk stats in your BI tools, get an unbeatable overview of your real-time business performance and establish areas of improvement. With these insights, you can:

  • Identify top performers; 
  • Measure and analyze every customer journey touchpoint;
  • Uncover conversion rates across the entire sales funnel;
  • Plan your HR capacities more effectively;
  • Calculate how many cold emails and/or calls are needed to close a deal;
  • Understand what the ideal customer profile looks like.

Support teams

Connect data from the CloudTalk call center software to a helpdesk system, live chat and other tools in your BI tools. This allows you to:

  • Identify top performing agents; 
  • Uncover the most important metrics for your support team;  
  • Plan your contact center’s HR capacity more efficiently;
  • Pinpoint your call center’s most-used call lines, phone numbers and/or IVR steps;
  • Learn when your customers reach out to your contact center the most (days/times);
  • Uncover the bottlenecks in your support team.

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