Conference Call Software

Improve teamwork with conference calls. You can schedule conference calls easily in a couple of minutes and invite external contacts, e.g. your clients, suppliers, etc.

CloudTalk allows you to organize a conference call between various participants:

  • managers
  • managers and agents
  • agents
  • agents and clients
  • managers and clients
  • managers, agents and clients

In a few minutes, you can easily create a conference room of the name of your choice in CloudTalk’s interface under the Conferences tab. In each conference room, you can choose to record the call and listen to it later if necessary.

Inviting conference call attendees is entirely up to you. You can invite any team member with an existing CloudTalk user account but you can also add external guests included in your contact lists.

Security is important for us, so each room is protected with a PIN code which must be entered by each caller before joining the call.

You can create as many conference rooms as you need and use them as frequently as you want.

Creating conference calls with your clients requires minimal time and effort and can help you work towards creating an optimal customer experience.

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